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Some lovely words from more wonderful clients

Katrina, I have just seen your email with the itinerary and ticket confirmations. Yes very, very exciting, me and my son had a cry of excitement when I told him. I am truly grateful for your help, I can’t thank you enough.


Thank you again Katrina for being the light at the end of the tunnel. This MIQ voucher and coming home creates a lot of anxiety when you’re abroad but you’ve really helped to make it quite painless and straightforward.  The hotel in Dubai was fine and just what we needed before the big flight. Thank you so much again for all your help and reliability – it really helped being stress free with the travel arrangements.


Katrina, thanks again for all your help getting Charlotte and the other gappies home. Reflecting back, it was a pretty stressful time for the parents and to have you cool calm and collective on the other end was very reassuring. We will always be thankful for your help in getting our kids home safely. You already know how much that means but here it is again.

Peter & Niki

Just wanted to say thanks for your help with flights. Had a very smooth process and I have you to thank for that, Katrina. Will definitely come back for your services for future travel!


Once again I would like to thank you for your help.

Your level of professionalism was second to none.

I will have no hesitation in using you again in the future if I look to fly.

Morgan Inness

Thank you so much again for all your help and reliability—it really helped being stress-free with the travel arrangements.


When we were doing our initial planning last year into our trip overseas, we were very fortunate to be referred to Katrina.

Katrina visited us at our home and we immediately had confidence that arrangements for our trip were in good hands.

Katrina’s experience and advice made finalising the shape and content of our trip worry-free. Her personal travel experience has been invaluable.

Katrina has especially shown her professionalism in a very difficult environment over the last couple of months by diligently securing the best deal available for all our pre-paid bookings.

Mark and Eileen

Love working with Katrina as our business travel agent.

Katrina treats us as though we are her only client; fast, efficient, best routes, best prices – she is amazing!

We are always confident in Katrina’s guidance and expertise.


Stranded in the UK because of the Covid-19 restrictions, Katrina was able to find flights and organise travel for me to return home at a time when demand was high and available services very hard to find.

Despite some trials and tribulations along the way, she remained calm and helpful throughout. I book all my travel through Katrina and listen carefully to her advice.

I strongly recommend others do too.


Hi Katrina,

I want to thank you immensely for getting my flight sorted!

There are two empty seats next to me!! And you put me in the upper deck!! Wow!! I felt so special!! Gotta take off now! Thank you a million times! You have made the reason for my trip pale a bit to the sunshine you have given me in awesome travel arrangements! Hope that made sense! I’m frantically typing cos they want me to turn off my phone! Ha! I’m off!

Nancy Jensen

Katrina has arranged a great package to Rarotonga for us with great patience as we have had to play with dates.

Bee & Martin Laing

This year Katrina has brought our daughter home for a holiday from London. She could match the cheap fares we found but with the huge added advantage of a real person to talk to and a reputable NZ-based company as a backup.

She has also booked an overseas trip for us. There were several parts to the travel and all the bookings were done with valuable additional advice and with patience as we considered options and made changes.

It is a great feeling to know that Katrina is always just an email or phone call away not only during the planning stages but also once the trip is underway. She responds in a prompt, professional manner and helps make the trip worry-free.

I highly recommend Katrina for any travel and we will certainly be using her services again.

Michelle Bolger

Just to let you know that our tickets arrived yesterday. And how naughty of you to include such a gorgeous soap! I love soaps and citrus fragrances are just my favourite, so this ticked all the right boxes, thank you so much.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Annalie Sieberhagen

Itinerary sounds fab, Katrina, and this is why you are a successful travel broker—you know how to holiday!

Mary Hogben

How absolutely great working with you.

Thank you for your amazing help. I have been singing your praises to everyone.

Cheryl Ganly-Lewis

Hands-down the best travel agent EVER! I contacted Katrina when our Director referred her to me when I was just about to buy my tickets to Vietnam last year from another travel agency.

Katrina came back within minutes with a deal that had not even been released yet! How switched-on is this lady ????

Looking forward to the next time I need your services Katrina.

Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Amy Williams

Thanks for all your help with booking my trip to Cambodia.

You’ve been AMAZING!!

Danielle Wills

Thanks for emailing ahead to the rental car company. I appreciate it and all the things that you do. As long as you’re in business I don’t intend to use any other travel agent ????

Eric Sidoti

Thanks Katrina! You work miracles!

Lisa Bagley

Thanks so much, Katrina for organising our travel at such short notice in 2-3 days. Awesome service and great rates. You are the best travel agent in the world for us.

Otila Osborne

Katrina provided a seamless travel option to my in-laws when other high street agencies had failed them—miserably.

They loved how they could visit Katrina, in their own time to talk through the options of travel to New York for my mother-in-law and my 12-year-old daughter. Katrina booked their travel right there and then. They are still waiting for the other agent to get back to them and that was a number of months ago now!

Katrina listened to what they needed and based their travel around their requests and desired budget. My father-in-law said Katrina “was absolutely brilliant, very friendly and knew what she was doing.”

He said, “he would recommend Katrina to others and would absolutely use her again to book further travel.”

He isn’t easy to please, so well done Katrina, you won them over.

Donna Owens

Hi Katrina, the trip was awesome. And so huge thanks to you, all bookings were v good, flights all seated and no dramas at all.

Your contact details are now with all 12 of us here, which is a good thing ????

Kevin Sullivan

Katrina, you did an amazing job. All accommodation on our tour of Australia was amazing and suited our needs. I prepaid everything before we went, getting the best deal. And that along with your travel arrangements really made the trip run smooth with no unexpected expenses or surprises, so we could budget our spending daily once in Australia. I cannot thank you enough for listening to our travel needs and coming up 10 out of 10. Again thank you so much for the travel arrangements, super super job.

Michelle Corley

The Korean trip went smoothly and from all accounts was successful. Thanks very much for your help in making it happen!

Hayley Dingwall

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