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Travel. Even the word is evocative. Everyone has a different ‘take’ on travel and what it means to them. For some, it’s saving hard for that dream holiday, potentially on a tropical island, maybe in an overwater bungalow; for others, trekking up the Himalayas through Nepal; others still, visiting family and friends on the other side of the world, discovering historic sites and learning about other cultures.

Whatever it means to you, I can help. Travel has always been part of my vocabulary—from local family trips around New Zealand to personal and business trips abroad. I LOVE travel and I LOVE to travel!

My goal is to ensure you have the best trip possible. I enjoy unearthing your travel desires, working within your budget, and helping you come up with a plan to make the most of your time away. My job is to sort out the logistics of getting there in order to leave you the joy of arrival at your destination and the wonder of new locations to experience.

What a time we’ve had over the last few years! The world has opened up again and there are so many countries available to us to explore, with so many opportunities to encounter. Contact me today to start the discussion and get plans underway.

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I’m a passionate NZ Travel Broker based in Lower Hutt, Wellington.

My speciality is bespoke luxury travel—whether you’re planning a business trip, family expedition, romantic escape or solo sabbatical, book with me and I’ll tailor an experience to suit.

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Why you need a Travel Broker

Travel is more complicated now than ever—and we’re here to help you!

One of the greatest difficulties is that there’s simply too much information available—so many resorts, packages, booking options, tips, reviews, and so on and so on—that it’s impossible to wade through it all… unless you’d like to make planning your holiday your full-time job.

Not only that, there are now fluctuating travel limits, new health and safety rules, and changeable booking and cancellation procedures.

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Thanks for emailing ahead to the rental car company. I appreciate it and all the things that you do. As long as you’re in business I don’t intend to use any other travel agent ????

Eric Sidoti

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