Cruises Are Back!

Although the pandemic has had a traumatic impact on the cruise industry, cruising is anticipated to be the best way to travel post-Covid.

After many months of dormancy, cruise lines have gradually resumed operations. Viking, Princess and World Cruises have already sold out for the 22/23 season, which is an indication of their popularity.

Are Cruise Ships Safe?

The answer is yes. Cruise lines have significantly increased health protocols, with most ships operating at a reduced capacity, giving people more room in common spaces. The ship environment is no longer a disadvantage—it’s now an advantage—a controlled environment, eliminating many of the risks.

Why Are Cruises Popular?

Cruising offers so much for your money—the inclusions can be fantastic! Generally included in the price can be meals, beverages and onboard entertainment. Onboard and offshore you have access to an enormous variety of activities, catering to all age groups—and the key benefit is that you only have to unpack once!

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A World of Cruising Options

I have access to many cruise operators, offering a vast range of products—there are many different styles of cruising and something to fulfil every travellers’ needs.

Ultra-Luxury 5–6 Star Rating

These include the highest-rated and awarded ships in the world. Often all-inclusive they take cuisine to another level offering the finest of dining experiences. This genre is characterised by exceptional service, large suites, mixed with unique and absorbing destinations that only smaller ships can reach. Generally catering for a smaller number of passengers, these boutique style ships offer your clients a more personalised and intimate experience.

Premium 4–5 Star Rating

Predominantly large ships but with a more sophisticated style. Most cater for all ages and have great kids programs, while others focus on the adult market.

Contemporary 3–4 Star Rating

Generally a large ship genre with resort-style and WOW factor. These cruise lines have a broad market appeal, are well priced and cater for all ages with great kids clubs, casual ambience and mainstream destinations.

Worldwide River Cruising 3–5 Plus Star Rating

The widest range of river cruises at all price levels in Europe and throughout the rivers of the world. Additionally, we have a range of canal barging including self-drive for those who like to DIY. We can combine with land arrangements and/or ocean cruises.

Exploration & Adventure 3–5 Star Rating

Expedition cruise lines are all about opening up destinations and giving your clients a comfortable but authentic experience of some of the worlds barely accessible wilderness locations.

Speciality 3–5 Star Rating

Generally smaller more regional cruise lines often with a strong local flavour. There is some cross over with adventure cruising and the destination is as important as the ship itself. All have their own unique style.

Sailing Ships 3–5 Star Rating

Combining the comfort of a cruise ship with the exhilaration and romance of a yacht.

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